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Brahim El Alami

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The Moroccan artist was born in the mid 1930’s, as Brahim El Alami, in the old Medina of Casablanca, Morocco. The artist’s elder brother “Mohamed El Alami Aziz”, who was a musician, detected in him a promising talent although he did not succeed his studies. Thus, the brother was the one who oriented him towards the music field. It was due to Haj Aboubakr Talbi, Abdeslam Zakaria and Mohamed Lahrizi, that the artist reinforced and enriched his music background. His start occurred in 1956, when he succeeded the contest of Maestro Orchestra organized by the radio of Casablanca, to become in 1957, the successor of Maati El Bidaoui. El Alami remained as loyal to the Moroccan music heritage, and concentrated on transmitting his know-how to the upcoming generations. In addition to the lyrics and compositions he had made by himself, he collaborated with so many icons, such as Naïma Samih and Ismael Ahmed. Among his unforgettable songs, we recall: “Nassi...

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