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There’s more to an artist’s career than performing, but why shackle artistic vision and inspiration with day-to-day obligations?

At Music is my life we take on all the facets of career management; securing deals with record labels, publishers, distributors, brand marketing companies, music supervisors and advertising agencies worldwide – so that the artists can focus on what they do best. Our team looks after independent artists; making licensing and publishing decisions and implementation simple, satisfying and ultimately financially rewarding.

We take a 360-degree approach working closely with everyone – from major worldwide record companies to leading labels and artists in many territories. We have built ties that ensure our artists rub elbows with advertising giants such as JWT and Grey Worldwide…

If artists could have a ninja squad getting stuff done for them behind the scenes… we’d be that!

Artist Image Development

Black shirt or white? Fancy restaurant or underground art expo? Soulful melody or cutting edge beats?

When it comes to being an artist, every little decision, every haircut, even your choice of lipstick goes a long way to bridging the distance with fans and creating an overall persona they can connect to. An artists’ image is just like a brand identity; very challenging to create and almost impossible to alter, but just like a brand identity, your image is your most valuable asset – your ‘mojo’.

It’s not all project runway though! Artist management is more than skin-deep esthetics; charisma, sound, personality, reputation and creativity all factor into creating the image. Having an understanding of audience behavior, perceptions and needs as well as a firm grasp on music trends, pressures and attitudes is a must! Like a brand, an artist’s image will follow a set guideline of rules and regulations for all marketing and image building initiatives. It dictates what the artist stands for, who they are as an individual, their aspirations, and so much more.

How is it done? As fun as it would be to claim it’s all done with a flick of a wand, truth is a team of dedicated artist managers, image consultants, brand-building practitioners and so many more (all part of the ninja squad) work together as image developers and custodians. A whole lot of factors come into play; each exposure, outing, performance, etc. becomes an opportunity to build and reinforce the image. Here’s a checklist of things it entails:

  • Artist Sound
  • Musical capacity
  • Artist musical Profile
  • Image formulation
    – Physical appearance
    – Poise and presence (charisma/ personality)
    – Other Skills or Talents
  • Artist Positioning
  • Artist Promise
  • Artist Traits/Values
  • Artist Story

Image and Marketing Consulting and Implementation

Once the Artist Image is ready, the key is positioning… By using media, advertising, public relations, publicity and the press to draw attention and gain exposure we ensure that the Artist reaches the right target at the right time!

Business Management and Consulting

Basically people in suits taking care of day-to-day business; contract negotiation, signature and implementation, fallback management, as well as follow up on possible breaches in contract and claim recovery.

Legal Services

The lawyering side of the coin… Legal advice and drawing up of legal documents for contract, riders, claims, notices and so on…

Media Management and Booking

The implementation phase of the Artist Image Development plan in which media (TV, Radio, Print, Social Media, etc…) for PR and advertising is booked and managed in accordance with the initial positioning and strategies. Not just that, we also handle bookings for event and sponsorships to place our artists center stage! Every artist and every image is unique, which is why we tailor make our media campaigns using each and every platform there is; events, sponsorship, bookings and then some!

Digital Management

Remember the days when fans would count the days till the release of the latest magazine to showcase tidbits about their favorite artist’s life? Yeah, well those days are long gone!!! The digital era we live in has placed every little detail of every sort of information simply a click of a button away…

Fans learn more about their idols, follow their news and even connect to them directly through twitter and other platforms. And though this has turned the average Joe into a smart phone toting paparazzo, it has created the opportunity for Artists to take their PR activities to a whole new level. Boosting fan engagement, building and optimizing social web presence, managing e-reputations and protecting digital work in addition to monetizing content, Youtube and Facebook are but a few services we offer to get your image up to speed in this digital world.

We help you tap into this goldmine of connection possibility, grow your business online and develop new revenue streams.

We even ensure digital minions scour the Internet to monitor, detect and delete illegal reproductions of videos and/or stolen songs. Our De-index service operates not only on Youtube but also on all music download/upload websites to ensure that your digital content is secure.